Bill Kristol Dreams Up Scenario That Would Result in “President Pelosi”

NeverTrumper Bill Kristol stirred Twitter recently by dreaming up a scenario that would result in “President Pelosi.”

Kristol’s fantasy would require both President Trump and Vice President Pence to step down.

Kristol tweeted:

Straightforward from here:
* President Trump has to self-quarantine due to possible exposure to coronavirus, can’t fulfill duties of presidency in quarantine, steps down.
* VP Pence has to self-quarantine, can’t fulfill duties of vice presidency, steps down.
* President Pelosi.

The purely hypothetical scenario has racked up over 10.8k Retweets and over 54k Likes so far.

However several Trump supporters who replied to Kristol were not impressed.

Starting to think we need to find you a straight jacket.

Bill Kristol, you should be institutionalized. I used to watch you on TV 20 years ago and you sounded reasonable. Now every time you tweet or go on TV, you sound like the men in white coats should swoop in and put you in a straight jacket.

My God, take a vacation there’s something desperately wrong with you