Bill for $2K stimulus checks blocked by McConnell for third day in Senate

Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell has blocked an effort by Democrat Senators Chuck Schumer and Bernie Sanders to schedule a vote on a standalone bill that increases stimulus checks from $600 to $2000.

Per the Hill “the back-and-forth on the floor comes after McConnell signaled on Wednesday that the Senate would not pass the House bill, warning that they were not going to “split” increasing the checks from repealing Section 230, a legal shield used by tech companies, and a commission on the 2020 election.”

McConnell said on the Senate floor “our colleagues who purport to be the champions of vulnerable Americans now say that what struggling people really need is for Congress to stop focusing on targeted relief for them specifically and to instead send thousands of dollars to people who don’t need help.”

He added “We do not need to let the Speaker of the House do socialism for rich people in order to help those who need help.”

Lindsey Graham called for a standalone vote earlier in the day on Fox and Friends, aligning himself with President Trump, but McConnell appears dead set on blocking the idea.