Bill Clinton claims Biden has been “Almost Pitch Perfect” as President

In a new podcast with Shonda Rhimes, former President Bill Clinton claims Biden has been “almost pitch perfect” as President.

Rhimes said she believed news has “stopped being the news and started being a certain form of entertainment, almost like just more reality television.”

“I think Biden has been almost pitch perfect in what he’s said and done,” Clinton said in response. “I think the problem he has is, first of all, the last election was very close. And I think that it’s now a performance art for the Democrats. If we can produce positive results that cross those divides by lifting everybody, giving everybody a chance, then we have a chance to psychologically change. It’s very hard to change the political standoff that exists today, because the Republicans believe it’s working for them, and that’s the big challenge.”

Clinton continued by claiming that Biden “made good decisions economically and good decisions on the staff and good decisions to have an inclusive policy economically and socially and politically. And you just have to keep reaching out to the Republicans, and at the moment they believe they have more to gain by making a deal than just saying no all the time, then he should show a little leg too, and they can maybe do something. But he’s been doing this a long time and he’s knows that they think they’re winning, even though he won, and even though he’s popular. So he can only get back to bipartisanship when they’re willing to do it.”