Bill Clinton calls GOP effort to fill SCOTUS vacancy before election “hypocritical,” warns “it’s going to further spread cynicism in our system”

Appearing on CNN with Jake Tapper, former President Bill Clinton called the GOP effort to replace the vacancy left by Ginsburg as soon as possible “superficially hypocritical.”

Clinton praised the icon who passed at the age of 87 and said “She was highly respected because she bent over backwards to work with the other judges when she could. And she stood up and was counted when she couldn’t.”

Speaking of Trump and McConnell’s effort to move quickly to fill Ginsburg’s vacancy, Bill Clinton said their “first value is power and they’re trying to jam the court with as many ideological judges as they can.”

“It’s going to further spread cynicism in our system,” he continued.

“You can’t keep a democracy if there is one set of rules for one group and another set for everybody else,” Clinton added.