Bikini-clad woman won’t stop dancing after car crash, gets thrown down by Spanish police after resisting arrest

In an extremely bizarre incident in Spain, a Bikini clad woman responded to being in a car crash with lots of dancing.

The Spanish police officers were all business and ended up throwing her down.


Per Dailymail, the brunette, wearing just swimwear and sunglasses, was handcuffed and arrested following her bizarre reaction to the collision in Lepe, near Huelva in south-west Spain.

Footage taken by shocked bystanders shows the woman emerging free from the passenger side of a badly-damaged black car.

The vehicle’s bumper was crushed in the collision and plumes of smoke billowed around the wreckage amid shattered glass on the ground.

The lady was filmed dancing next to the wreckage before striding up to an approaching officer and attempting to lightly slap him across the face.

He then leads her away towards a parked police van as another officer emerges.

At this point the woman resists arrests and begins to scream as the two officers throw her to the ground and place her in handcuffs in a bid to restrain her.

The unidentified woman was one of four people who suffered minor injuries after she hit another vehicle.

It is not known what caused the woman to crash but it was believed she was making her way to the beach.

She passed both drink and drugs tests despite her bizarre behaviour, and was taken to hospital for examination by doctors.