Biden’s South Carolina Firewall May Be in Trouble

According to Politico, Joe Biden’s South Carolina firewall may be in trouble.

After a disappointing 4th place finish in Iowa and disastrous 5th place finish in New Hampshire, the former Vice President does not have the positive momentum in his campaign he had hoped for.

Polling still gives Biden an edge in South Carolina but his lead could be further eroded if he performs poorly in the Nevada caucus where Bernie Sanders is expected to win.

“Deep cracks emerge in Biden’s firewall,” by Maya King in Charleston, S.C.: “His message is uninspiring. His ground game is flawed. After Iowa and New Hampshire, they’re no longer convinced he can beat Donald Trump. Interviews with two dozen South Carolina lawmakers, consultants and voters here suggests there are deep cracks in Joe Biden’s firewall state, where his campaign expects to turn his misfortunes around with a robust victory that highlights his broad-based support — particularly among African Americans.

“No one denies the state has an affinity for the former vice president to Barack Obama. Biden boasts endorsements from nearly 200 black South Carolina community figures and state and national legislators, a testament to his decades-long relationships with many leaders here. And he’s led in every single public poll in the state over the past year.

“But his advantage has gradually eroded. In a state where African Americans cast 61 percent of the primary vote in 2016, a February Quinnipiac poll showed Biden’s support among African-Americans at 27 percent — a 22-point slip from before the Iowa caucus. While almost no one is willing to predict a Biden defeat here, many point to worrisome signs about the state of his campaign.” POLITICO