Biden’s Recent Claim He Didn’t Tell Obama “Don’t Go” After Bin Laden Rated “Mostly False” By Politifact

Joe Biden’s claim that he didn’t tell Obama to not go after Bin Laden has been rated “Mostly False” by Politifact.

The recent exchange went as follows.

Peter Doocey:

As commander in chief, if you were ever handed a piece of intelligence that said you could stop an imminent attack on Americans — but you have to use an airstrike to take out a terrorist leader — would you pull the trigger?

Joe Biden:

Well we did – the guy’s name was Usama bin Laden.

Peter Doocey:

Didn’t you tell President Obama not to go after bin Laden that day?

Joe Biden:

No, I didn’t

In their “ruling,” Politifact writes:

When Doocy asked Biden “Didn’t you tell President Obama not to go after bin Laden?” Biden replied “No, I didn’t. I didn’t.”

Biden has created confusion with different accounts about what he told Obama.

In 2012, Biden said he told Obama “don’t go.” Biden said he wanted Obama to take additional steps to confirm bin Laden was at the compound. Other Obama-era officials confirm that Biden was skeptical of the mission.

In 2015, Biden said that he later told Obama privately, “I thought he should go, but to follow his own instincts.”

Biden’s answer to Doocy is hardly the full story and misses critical context. We rate his statement Mostly False.