Biden’s lead grows to 12 points in Fox News poll, which Trump blasts as ‘phony’

Joe Biden’s lead over President Trump has swelled to an incredible 12% in a new Fox News poll.

In the previous Fox News poll, Biden led by 8% and in the one before in late March, the race was tied.

Marketwatch reports Joe Biden has taken a 12-point lead over President Donald Trump in a new Fox News poll focused on the White House race, up from an 8-point advantage last month.

Conducted from Saturday through Tuesday among a random national sample of 1,343 registered voters, the survey shows 50% backing the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee and 38% supporting the Republican incumbent.

Some 5% of respondents chose “Other,” another 5% said “Don’t know,” and 2% said they wouldn’t vote in the November election.

When asked about the job that Trump is doing as president, 27% of those polled said they strongly approved and 17% said they somewhat approved, while 11% said they somewhat disapproved, 45% said they strongly disapproved and 1% didn’t know.

Trump fared better when it came to respondents’ views on how he’s handling the economy, with 49% approving, 46% disapproving and 4% saying they didn’t know.