Biden’s Latest “Poor Kids..Just as Bright as White Kids” Gaffe Just the Tip of the Iceberg

With the 2020 election cycle quickly gaining steam, Democrat hopefuls, including former Vice President Joe Biden, are upping the ante and hitting the road in an effort to kickstart their campaigns and win the hearts and minds of liberal voters across America.

Although the election still remains two Novembers away, the crowded pool of would-be Democrats seeking the party’s nomination have increasingly ramped up their rhetoric, both against President Trump and themselves, leading to some memorable incidents already.

As top-tier Democrat candidates such as Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, and Joe Biden scramble to stand out from the herd, Americans have witnessed a litany of gaffes, questionable remarks, and other campaign blunders.

Out of all the Democrats vying for the chance to oppose President Trump in the upcoming election, Joe Biden has perhaps struggled the hardest with his delivery, and has repeatedly taken flak for comments and actions both old and new.

To his credit, the former VP has made no secret of his tendency to make glaring political blunders while speaking, and has recently admitted to being a “gaffe machine.”

On Thursday, Biden’s habit of delivering cringeworthy commentary took center stage as he attempted to woo liberal voters in Iowa, and bluntly equated “poor” children in America to essentially being non-white.

“We have this notion that, somehow, if you’re poor, you cannot do it,” Biden said during his Iowa speech, before going on to assert “Poor kids are just as bright, and just as talented as white kids.”

As Biden paused for applause, the crowd appeared weary of his statement, and a few sparse claps could be heard, seemingly forced, before he added, “Wealthy kids, white kids, Asian kids.”

The startling remark was quickly interpreted across the political spectrum, with the bipartisan consensus largely agreeing that Biden’s comment was something of a Freudian slip which revealed inherent racism.

Biden’s racially-charged slip up came on the heels of another glaring gaffe, in which he declared his campaign will “choose truth over facts,” which prompted further scrutiny and discussion over his ability to potentially lead the country.

The latest remarks coming from Joe Biden are not the first race-related trouble the former Vice President has experienced since declaring his candidacy, as Democrats have delved into his lengthy past as a career politician.

In fact, some of Biden’s comments on controversial racial issues such as bussing, reparations for slavery, and even the Obama-era practices of deporting illegal migrants, have all resurfaced to haunt the current 2020 Democrat frontrunner.

Though Joe Biden attempted to throw white and Asian children under the bus in an attempt to cover his misstep on the campaign trail, the far more glaring issue lies in his generalization towards others, including African Americans and Hispanics, as “poor.”

However out-of-touch Biden’s remarks seem to be, he is certainly not alone among Democrat colleagues who have made similar comments which implied that non-white Americans make up our poor, and are responsible for our crime statistics.

The recent scandal involving Democrat Ralph Northam, the embattled Governor of Virginia, was quickly forgotten by the media, yet remains relevant to the discussion.

Northam drew bipartisan condemnation after a 1984 medical school yearbook surfaced, depicting him posing alongside a picture of two classmates dressed in racially offensive costumes for a party.

While Northam attempted to deny that he, himself, was one of the students in the controversial photo, many remain unconvinced.

Despite calls for his resignation, which came from both conservative and liberal groups, the Virginia Governor refused, and remains in office at the time of this article.

Biden and Northam’s race-related slips are not isolated, as the Democratic Party itself has a history of making such remarks, with one of the most infamous examples being former First Lady and 2016 presidential contender Hillary Clinton’s “super predators” comment.

Clinton’s shocking description of minority children in America came in 1996, which she said “they are not just gangs of kids anymore, they are often the kinds of kids that are called super predators.”

Not finished there, Clinton elaborated, “No conscience, no empathy. We can talk about why they ended up that way, but first we have to bring them to heel,” as she spoke in New Hampshire.

These comments resurfaced as Clinton sought the White House in 2016, leading many pundits to speculate that her racial insensitivity played a substantial role in her defeat to Donald Trump.

As Democrats and the mainstream media continue to insist that President Trump is a racist, remarks made by top-tier Democrat candidates like Joe Biden show tremendous hypocrisy.