Biden’s Energy Secretary nominee says Biden plan would create more clean energy jobs than those “that might be sacrificed”

During her confirmation hearing, Biden’s Energy Secretary nominee was asked by Republican Senator John Barrasso “You know, a long-term ban on oil gas leasing is going to cost about 62,000 jobs in New Mexico, and we have the senator from New Mexico here, about 33,000 jobs in Wyoming. 18,000 jobs in Colorado. A long term band is going to cut revenues to Mexico and Wyoming by hundreds of millions of dollars, which these states use for K2 public education, other essential services. I’m just curious how a long-term ban consistent with the president’s goal of unifying our country and putting Americans back to work and helping our economies grow, how is that all consistent?”

Granholm replied “I think the president’s plan of building back better, which would create more jobs in energy, clean energy than the jobs that might be sacrificed. But I will say this, no job — we don’t want to see any jobs sacrificed, and that’s why this — when you opened up your remarks, sir, your remarks about technology were so important. This is why reducing GHG emissions is so important on–in the fossil fuel arena.”

“The moratorium on public lands, I know for those states that have these jobs in abundance, this is something we are going to have to work on together to ensure that people are — remain employed,” she continued. “But I will say that the licenses that currently are operating are not going to be disrupted. They will continue to operate and the oil and gas industry, in particular, they’ve got 10,000 licenses that they have and that will not be disrupted that they can continue to permit and deploy and extract energy from.”

“It is only on future licenses that this moratorium is. So it gives us some time to be able to work on creating jobs and diversifying and providing good paying jobs in every pocket of the country. And to Senator Manchin’s point, I know that part of what Joe Biden has put together is a sort of SWAT team inside of the federal government to focus on communities that are — that have powered America and to make sure that we don’t leave those workers behind,” she added.