Biden’s claim on gun shows judged “mostly false” by fact checker

President Biden’s claim “You go to a gun show, you can buy whatever you want, and no background check” has been judged as “mostly false” by Politifact.

While speaking at the Rose Garden April 8th, Biden claimed “these bills, one, require background checks for anyone purchasing a gun at a gun show or an online sale.”

He then falsely claimed “Most people don’t know it, you walk into a store and you buy a gun, you have a background check. But you go to a gun show, you can buy whatever you want, and no background check.”

Amy Sherman of Politifact summarizes “if you go to a gun show and buy a firearm from a federally licensed seller, you will have to pass a background check, just as if you went to a bricks-and-mortar gun store. You would only escape a background check at a gun show if you bought from a seller who isn’t federally licensed.”

She adds that “While the data is incomplete, federally licensed sellers have been found to make up a substantial share, and perhaps a majority, of gun show vendors.

The fact check concludes “when it comes to background checks for gun purchases, what matters is who sells the guns, not where the guns are sold — and when a federally licensed seller is a vendor at a gun show, they have to run a background check just as they would if they were back at a bricks-and-mortar gun store.”

The White House told Politifact “Biden wasn’t suggesting that every gun transaction at a gun show would take place without a background check. Instead, he meant that sales without background checks could occur in some cases.”

However as noted by Politifact “that’s not what he said.”