Biden’s Approval Sinks in NPR Poll, Large Majority Call Afghan War a “Failure”

According to a new NPR/PBS poll ‘President Joe Biden’s approval rating has dropped to a new low (43%), while majorities of Americans disapprove of his handling of foreign policy (56%) and of the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan (61%). Americans are split about what should have happened, but a large majority (71%) label the U.S. role in Afghanistan a “failure.”’

More key findings:

  • Biden’s approval rating (43%) dropped six percentage points from our August poll (49%), driven by softening support among Democrats (down five points) and independents (down ten points).
  • Americans who strongly disapprove of Biden’s performance jumped from 30% in August to 41% in this poll.
  • There is a partisan divide in reaction to Biden’s handling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan. Most Republicans (94%) and independents (71%) disapprove, while about a quarter (26%) of Democrats say the same.
  • 71% of Americans say the U.S. role in Afghanistan was a “failure” including majorities of Democrats (66%), Republicans (73%), and independents (75%).
  • A majority of Americans (61%) say Afghanistan “must determine its future without U.S. involvement,” while 29% believe the U.S. “has a duty” to stay involved.