Biden White House reportedly ghosted Meghan McCain after she “personally reached out”

According to a new report from The Week, The View’s Meghan McCain was reportedly ghosted by the White House after offering to “get vaccinated on air” in an attempt to bolster inoculation rates among Republicans, reports Politico on Thursday. The co-host “personally reached out” to “help with messaging,” but just “didn’t hear back.”

The report adds ‘Despite leaving McCain on read, the White House did seek help from a different co-host of ABC’s daytime talk show. Whoopi Goldberg was reportedly “treated to a private briefing” with the Biden administration to review on-air “vaccination messaging and talking points,” per Politico.

At one time, both hosts were apparently meant to receive their vaccinations on-air along with a member of the administration, but that failed to materialize, and ultimately, “Goldberg was briefed and McCain was not.” A White House source said it was because McCain was not yet eligible for a vaccine, but “that was not relayed to McCain.”‘

Meghan McCain’s mom, Cindy McCain, is reportedly being considered for an ambassadorship to the U.N. World Food Programme.