WATCH: Hannity and Dobbs on Yellen’s ties to hedge fund connected to Robinhood controversy

Lou Dobbs of Fox Business joined Sean Hannity during a segment where the two both slammed Robinhood’s CEO.

Dobbs also discussed Biden Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s ties to Citadel, a hedge fund connected to the firestorm.

According to Politico “Yellen earned more than $800,000 speaking to Citadel, a hedge fund founded by the Republican megadonor Ken Griffin.”

A spokesperson for the hedge fund said in a statement “Citadel is not involved in, or responsible for, any retail brokers’ decision to stop trading in any way.”

“Citadel Securities has not instructed or otherwise caused any brokerage firm to stop, suspend, or limit trading or otherwise refuse to do business,” the statement added.

Appearing with Tucker Carlson, Glenn Greenwald also reacted to the Robinhood backlash.