Biden Tops Trump By 6 in New CBS Election Poll

Former Vice President Joe Biden tops President Trump by 6 in a new CBS national election poll of likely voters.

Biden garnered 49% compared to Trump’s 43%.

CBSNews reports Nationwide, Biden is the preference of likely voters by six points over Mr. Trump. But a reminder: while this measure is offered as context and a sense of where voters are, the national vote tally doesn’t determine the presidency — the Electoral College does.

Voters say both the coronavirus outbreak and the economy are factors in their vote choice right now, especially the economy.

Even though Republicans in our recent polling have consistently praised the president’s handling of the outbreak, relatively few of Mr. Trump’s current supporters cite the coronavirus in general as a major factor in their presidential vote — just 19% do — and twice as many of Biden’s backers say it is a factor. Mr. Trump’s voters point instead to the economy, even more so than Biden’s do.

The same poll has Elizabeth Warren as the top choice for Biden to pick as VP among Democratic registered voters.

Kamala Harris is 2nd followed by Stacy Abrams and Amy Klobuchar.