Biden tightens $1,400 check eligibility, those making over $80k will no longer be eligible

According to a new report from Wapo, President Biden has agreed to tighten the eligibility for $1,400 stimulus checks and those making over $80k a year will no longer be eligible.

Per the report “Under the changes agreed to by Biden and Senate Democratic leadership, individuals earning $75,000 per year and couples earning $150,000 would still receive the full $1,400-per-person benefit. However, the benefit would disappear for individuals earning more than $80,000 annually and couples earning more than $160,000.”

This means single adults making between $80k and $100k and couples earning between $160k to $200k will now be excluded from any relief payments.

Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow called the move a “reasonable compromise.”

She said “I think we’re really in a good spot and, frankly, the most important thing is to get this done.”

However, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was not happy with the new changes. “I don’t understand the political or economic wisdom in allowing Trump to give more people relief checks than a Democratic administration,” she said.

“People went far too long without relief last year — if anything we should be more generous, not more stingy. It’s also an insensitive compromise for the roughly 80 percent of Americans that live in urban areas, which are known for higher costs of living,” she added.