WATCH: Biden Assures Al Sharpton Multiple Black Women are Being Considered for VP

During an appearance on MSNBC with Al Sharpton, 2020 candidate Joe Biden assured Sharpton that “many women of color” are being considered for Vice President and “significantly more than one black woman.”

A quick look at the Prediction betting market of PredictIt, shows many women of color in the current top 10, but also several white women. Clearly, there are likely other women of color being considered by Biden not on this list.

Al Sharpton:

The sensitivity, I think that we have, is that whomever is selected, that black women be clearly seen as qualified to be vice president. You understand the sensitivity of the issue, even though you’re not prepared to pre-empt your committee in terms of what you will do. You’re not ruling out a black woman.

Joe Biden:

I assure you that of the more than a dozen women that they’re taking an initial look at, there are significantly more than one black woman that’s going to be considered by this group.

…What I’m looking at in the selection process is there are many people who are, in fact, qualified. Many women who are qualified – have the experience and background to do the job. And that includes many women of color.