Biden taps Harris to spearhead fixing border crisis as the “one single figure dedicated to this effort”

According to a new report from The Hill “President Biden has tapped Vice President Harris to lead the administration’s efforts to stem the flow of migrants seeking entry to the U.S. at the southern border and to form partnerships with Mexico and the Northern Triangle countries aimed at addressing the root causes of the surge in immigration.”

Per a senior administration official said, Harris will spearhead the White House’s immigration portfolio so that Mexico and the Northern Triangle will know “there is one single figure dedicated to this effort.”

The announcement comes after Biden also met with HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, and others.

Harris recently took heat after breaking out laughing after a reporter asked her if she plans to visit the border.

“Not today,” Harris responds then laughing hysterically.

Steve Scalise wrote “Don’t believe this administration when they say they are serious about solving this crisis.”

Harris took a more serious tone Wednesday morning saying “absolutely, we will go down to the border. And I’ve been down to the border.”