Biden surrogate asked why those in the oil industry would support Biden over Trump

While she appeared on “Meet the Press” Kate Bedingfield, Deputy Campaign Manager and Communications Director for Joe Biden was asked by Chuck Todd why those in the oil industry should support Biden over Trump.

“Look, some of these remarks that he said, he’s said it before. Let me ask the question to you this way Kate” Chuck Todd prefaced “If you work in the oil industry, if you believe that fracking has been good for the economy and you heard the statements from Joe Biden. Long term Joe Biden doesn’t sound like a supporter of those industries. So why shouldn’t those folks think, ‘You know what, Donald Trump is going to be more supportive, not Joe Biden,’ you comfortable with that?”

Bedingfield replied by claiming “Donald Trump is trying to distort Joe Biden’s position on this because he’s desperate to be running against anybody but Joe Biden.”

The current pinned tweet by the official “Trump War Room” Twitter account features a video of remarks Biden has made about the oil industry and fracking.

“Joe Biden asked us to make this video,” is the introduction.