Biden Struggles When Asked If He’ll Call for a Search of Senatorial Records by Tara Reade’s Name

Per Scott Whitlock:

Watch as Mika Brzezinski actually gets Joe Biden flustered on whether he will call for a search of University of Delaware records on Tara Reade. This is the kind of interview journalists could have been doing for the last 36 days, but failed to.

Per Newsmax, Biden’s archived documents at the University of Delaware were to have gone public, but then were resealed, but he said Friday that the university said it would take time to examine the records, but that would not happen before 2020 or 2021 or after the election.

“My archives do not contain personal files, personnel files,” he said. “They are public records. My speeches, my papers, my position papers. If that document existed, it would be stored at the National Archives where the office she claimed to have filed a complaint with is stored. The Senate controls those. I’m asking the Secretary of the Senate today to identify if any such document exists. If it does, make it public.”

Brzezinski asked Biden if he would approve a search of Reade’s name in the University of Delaware records, and he insisted “there is nothing. They are not there. I don’t understand the point you are trying to make. There are no personnel records by definition.”

Mika was given credit on Twitter by many for the questioning.

Robby Soave wrote “Mika is eviscerating Biden over the believe-all-victims double standard, and Biden is misrepresenting his earlier position.

Tim Pool wrote “Damn…

Mika pressed Biden on this hard and Biden had no real response

He just short circuited, fumbled and fizzled

This is getting sad, Biden cannot handle this level of politics anymore”