Possible Biden slip up suggests he may use a teleprompter for TV interviews after all

Several social media users believe a possible slip up by Joe Biden may have revealed he does use a teleprompter for TV interviews after all.

Asked if he does by Bret Baier, Biden spokesperson TJ Ducklo had refused to answer the question.

In the video below you can see Joe Biden hold up a framed photo. In the reflection, appears to be text from a screen in the reflection social media users are speculating is a teleprompter.

One Twitter user claimed “This “Interview” was scripted. Note different colors for teleprompter text. They are two sides to the “conversation”. I’ve worked with TV teleprompters before. This is what they are.”

GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel tweeted earlier today “It’s time for Joe Biden and his campaign to come clean about his teleprompter.”