Biden says he’s confident he can still get “big chunks of the Build Back Better law signed into law”

Despite the $1.75 trillion dollar bill being stopped by lack of support by fellow Democrat Senator Joe Manchin, Biden still thinks he can pass pieces of his “Build Back Better” plan through Congress.

Biden to climate policy and early childhood education as parts of the bill that he believes could win support.

“I’m confident we can get pieces, big chunks of the Build Back Better law signed into law,” Biden told reporters.

Per CNBC, Biden said he has “been talking to a number of my colleagues” in Congress. He said he believes he can win support for more than $500 billion in spending to combat climate change.

“The climate and clean energy provisions in Build Back Better have been largely worked through and financed, so let’s start there and add any of the other important provisions to support working families that can meet the 50-vote threshold,” said progressive Democrat Senator Markey in response to Biden’s comments.