Biden Says Bernie Should “Disown” His Aggressive Online Supporters

After a dismal 4th place finish in Iowa and 5th place finish in New Hampshire, Joe Biden’s campaign is running out of time to regain it’s footing.

During a recent appearance on NBC’s “Meet the Press” Biden takes aim and Bernie’s aggressive online supporters, referred to as some by “Bernie Bros” and says Bernie needs to do more to hold them accountable and “disown them” when they misbehave.

(Via Yahoo)

“He may not be responsible for it but he has some accountability,” Biden said in the interview that will air on Sunday morning. “If any of my supporters did that, I’d disown them. Flat disown them. The stuff that was said online, the way they threatened these two women who are leaders in that Culinary Union. It is outrageous.”

The Culinary Workers Union said supporters of Sanders “viciously” attacked the organization via Twitter, text, voicemail and direct messaging after the union criticized the senator’s universal healthcare plan on Tuesday.

Sanders, in turn, called for an end to all online harassment, but stopped short of acknowledging that the attacks were coming from his supporters.

Instead, Sanders suggested in an interview on “PBS NewsHour” on Thursday that the attacks might be coming from people posing as his supporters.

“And I’m not so sure, to be honest with you, that they are necessarily part of our movement,” Sanders said.