Biden repeals policy, paving way for taxpayer funded gender reassignment surgery in military

President Biden has repealed a Obama-era policy that prohibited federal funds from being used for military gender reassignment surgery.

The change is inside President Biden’s Jan. 25 transgender order “Enabling All Qualified Americans to Serve Their Country in Uniform.”

“This revised policy will also ensure all medically-necessary transition related care authorized by law is available to all Service members,” Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin writes in a memo.

Veterans Affairs Secretary Denis McDonough McDonough says in an email to employees to  “perform an assessment of the necessary steps to eliminate the exclusion of ‘gender alteration’ in the medical benefits package.”

According to the Washington Examiner, gender re-assignment surgeries can cost in the range of $100-$200k.

The report adds that a study revealed that more than 15,000 service members and 134,000 veterans identify as transgender.

Rep. Jim Banks told the Washington Examiner “this is radical and new territory for a presidential administration to force taxpayers to fund sexual reassignment surgeries for those in the military.”

“I’m compassionate toward those individuals who want to undergo an elective surgery of this nature, but taxpayers shouldn’t be on the hook to pay for it. It’s constitutionally dubious that Congress hasn’t passed these measures, but the administration, in a radical way, is pushing through this agenda. I sit on the committee that should debate these issues,” he added.