Biden pick to run unemployment program oversaw $600M in losses to Nigerian fraud scheme

Suzi LeVine, Biden’s pick to run a federal agency office that assists states in processing unemployment claims is involved in an unemployment fraud scandal at her state department that cost Washington $600 million dollars. LeVine has been tapped for interim assistant secretary of the Employment and Training Administration

Per Fox News “the fraudulent unemployment claims were believed to be linked to a well-organized Nigerian fraud ring using identities stolen in prior data breaches, such as the massive 2017 Equifax breach. More than 122,000 fraudulent claims made in the state siphoned off the cash.”

The report adds “the Secret Service announced that Washington state was the main prey of the scandal, though other states were also targeted. Separately, California has its own unemployment scandal amounting to over $11 billion, while another $20 billion in possible losses is still being investigated.”