Biden pick for Treasury Secretary made over $7 million giving speeches to banks and major corporations

A new report from the NY Times reveals Joe Biden’s pick for Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen made over $7 million in speaking fees to major banks and corporations.

The payments were revealed in disclosure statements that covered the previous two years.

Per the NY Times “Yellen’s paid speaking appearances — which included $992,000 from investment bank Citi for nine appearances — were among the lucrative payments from a range of Wall Street, Big Tech and corporate interests to three prominent prospective members of the incoming Biden administration.”

The steep payments from big banks and corporations could potentially become and issue during her Senate confirmation.

A Biden transition spokesperson said in a statement Friday that after leaving her role as Federal Reserve Chair, Yellen has “spoken at economic conferences, universities and to business groups and financial institutions about her experiences and her views on what we can do as a country to build a stronger economy and increase our competitiveness.”