Biden Nose Dives to 3rd Place in New Iowa Poll

The bad news keeps coming in for former Obama VP Joe Biden.

Considered just a few weeks ago as the near inevitable Democrat nominee, Biden has fallen in national polling and is now in 3rd place in the critical first DNC primary state of Iowa.

What is even worse for Biden is he once led by double digits in the same poll.

Clearly, all the momentum is against him.

From IowaStartingLine

We have a shakeup in Iowa.

Elizabeth Warren leads the pack in the Iowa Caucus, according to a new poll out this morning from David Binder Research, currently earning the support of 20% of likely Democratic caucus-goers. Kamala Harris and Joe Biden are both within the margin of error with Warren for first place, but they trail just slightly at 18% for Harris and 17% for Biden.

Bernie Sanders has fallen to fourth place in the polling, sitting at 12%, while Pete Buttigieg has 10% in the survey. Amy Klobuchar and Cory Booker round out the the field with 4% and 2%, respectively, while everyone else is at 1% or below.

It’s a troubling sign for Biden, who has been on a steady decline in most national and state polling lately. All the momentum seems to be with the two most prominent female candidates at the moment, in part thanks to strong performances in last week’s debates.

Some national polling has shown Harris leapfrogging Warren in the standings since they took the debate stage, but Warren’s large field operation and her frequent trips here may be helping her stay up on the competition in Iowa. Harris just expanded her Iowa operation significantly at the start of this month, allowing her to possibly lock in support from all the new excitement she’s seeing. She spends the next three days in Iowa, and the response Harris gets here should be telling.

The poll was commissioned by the Focus On Rural America organization, which has been running quarterly polls on the Iowa Caucus this year. It surveyed 600 Iowans by cell phone and landline right after the debates, between June 29 and July 1, and has a margin of error of no greater than +/-4.0%.

The July results show a major bounce for both Warren and Harris following their performance in the first round of presidential debates, while Biden continues on a steady decline. Warren has moved up 12 points since March, while Harris has improved by 9. Biden is down 8 points from the previous poll, and Sanders has dropped by 5.