Biden “No one has asserted my son did a single thing wrong except a lying president.”

Despite Hunter Biden stepping down over the weekend from the board of a Chinese-backed Private Equity company, Joe Biden claimed to reporters that “No one has asserted my son did a single thing wrong except a lying president.”

In fact, just last month Senator Elizabeth Warren was asked if her ethics plan would allow her Vice President’s son to serve on the board of a foreign company: “No,” she said. “I don’t know. I mean I’d have to go back and look at the details.

Sunday, CNBC reported Hunter Biden is stepping down from the board of a Chinese-backed private equity company and committing to not working for a foreign-owned company if his father, former Vice President Joe Biden, is elected president in 2020.

Hunter’s vows to forgo any foreign work follow a slew of unsubstantiated attacks by President Donald Trump accusing him of corruption.

In a statement released from his lawyer George Mesires, Biden vowed to step down by the end of the month from a management company of a private equity fund backed by Chinese state-owned entities, and said he hasn’t discussed his own business activities with his father.

WashingtonTimes reports former Vice President Joseph R. Biden, speaking to reporters after a union forum in suburban Des Moines, Iowa, said Sunday he did not discuss his son Hunter’s decision to resign from the board of a Chinese equity firm before the younger man’s attorney had posted the statement.

“No one has asserted my son did a single thing wrong,” Mr. Biden added, pounding his finger into the podium, “except a lying president.”

And Mr. Biden also promised to bar his family members from occupying any office within the White House and said they won’t “sit in meetings as if they are a Cabinet member.”

That was a jab at Mr. Trump, who tapped daughter Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, as advisers.

But Mr. Biden did not say whether his pledge meant that his wife Jill Biden would not get the office traditionally assigned to first ladies, should he win.

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