Biden Mocked Over Iowa Event Photo Showing Only 11 People and 9 Empty Chairs

Joe Biden’s stop in Clinton, Iowa is not exactly an impressive visual.

In a photo of what looks almost like a “small funeral” you can count 11 attendees.

There are also 9 empty chairs.

Olivia Nuzzi of New York magazine shared the photo adding

“Waiting for John Kerry on this snowy evening in Clinton, Iowa.”

Jim responded:

11 people and 9 empty chairs. Gee @JoeBiden you really pack them in. Have you ever seen a Trump rally? He packs stadiums & you can’t get 20 people to pack a funeral home. But yeah, people are so excited your running.

John Kerry reportedly begins his remarks by saying, “What a wonderful house! Is a ghost gonna come out here?”

Let’s compare the OVERFLOW crowd at Trumps Toledo rally, against the ENTIRE crowd at Biden’s Clinton, Iowa rally..

a funeral or a rally?

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