Biden Mentions Trump At Least 76 Times in Today’s Iowa Speech

Joe Biden and President Trump will both be in Iowa on Tuesday.

Axios reported that Biden references President Trump at least 76 times in his prepared remarks for a Davenport, Iowa appearance on Tuesday — the same day that Trump will make an appearance.

Why it matters: Trump’s aides have long seen the former vice president as his biggest potential threat in 2020. The president has recently been saying it out loud— and Biden seems to be just as focused on Trump — as their dueling Iowa trips provide a juicy splitscreen.

What Biden will say: “Trump doesn’t get the basics. He thinks his tariffs are being paid by China. … The cashiers at Target see what’s going on — they know more about economics than Trump.”

  • “I believe Trump is an existential threat to America.”
  • “We choose hope over fear. Unity over division. Truth over lies. And science over fiction.”

CNN claims that Biden will “eviscerate” Trump in today’s speech.

Watch the video:

From Mediaite

CNN’s New Day previewed an advance copy of a stump speech that  Joe Biden plans to give during a campaign visit today in Iowa later on Tuesday, and according to the on-screen chyron, the former Vice President will “eviscerate” President Donald Trump.

While “eviscerate” is a common term used for hyperbolic headlines, according to this word is defined “to move entrails from; disembowel.” Let’s just say that if Biden truly plans to disembowel President Trump during his speech, the Secret Service should be alerted.

Biden is the current leader among two dozen Democratic candidate hopefuls and will be campaigning in Iowa on the very same day in which President Trump will also be holding a campaign rally. Biden has set himself apart from the other presidential hopefuls by exclusively going after Trump instead of his fellow Democrats. Trump appears to have returned the favor by focusing on Biden himself, so the overall segment — given the advance copy of Biden’s speech — is certainly germane.