Biden may hold regular remote pressers, says “They tell me there’s ways we can do teleconferencing via us all being in different locations”

Matt Viser of Wapo tweeted:

Joe Biden says he is “desperately” looking to be in regular contact with the American public, perhaps with regular press conferences in Wilmington, Del., or using technology.

“They tell me there’s ways we can do teleconferencing via us all being in different locations,” he says.

Biden’s last virtual town hall was fraught with technical difficulties.


CNBC reports bundlers helping to raise campaign cash for former Vice President Joe Biden are encouraging potential new donors to sign up for future in-person events as a way to get them to contribute now. The campaign is also looking to hold virtual fundraisers, though one has already been postponed.

“I think that, while it would be better to hold in-person gatherings to garner a certain excitement factor, those who want to give will do so with the promise of later events when possible to hold them,” Alan Patricof, a Biden bundler and founder of investment firm, Greycroft, told CNBC on Friday.

Former Ambassador Rufus Gifford, for one, had planned to co-host an event this week in New York. He decided to postpone to a future date rather than hosting a virtual fundraiser. But he’s asking donors to pony up now.

“We opted not to do a virtual version of my event,” Gifford told CNBC recently. “I think I’m going to try and do a larger-tiered gay event when things open back up, assuming that’s an option. I just think it makes sense to do something larger sometime in the spring.”

Biden’s loyal fundraisers are also using Trump’s response to the coronavirus as a way to raise money.

Jon Henes, a partner at legal juggernaut Kirkland & Ellis, sent an email calling on donors to back Biden in the midst of the pandemic. “We are in unprecedented and distressing times as we face COVID-19 and the economic impact laying in its wake,” Henes said in the memo, first reviewed by CNBC. “At a time when we need true presidential leadership, we are getting very little.”

The email included a video from the website The Recount, which spliced together moments when Trump downplayed the significance of the virus. Henes has been organizing a group of corporate restructuring attorneys to help raise money for Biden.

Though many of Biden’s bundlers do not foresee fundraising issues for the campaign, strategists said the former vice president and other Democrats could run into problems raising cash.

“I think fundraising will dry up. No one has enough sympathy for politicians to fund them ahead of making payroll or supporting their families,” Brad Tusk, a founder of political consulting firm, Tusk Strategies, and a close ally of Mike Bloomberg, told CNBC.

He also warned that Biden “better be really nice to [Mike] Bloomberg,” the billionaire who dropped out of the presidential primary earlier this month, in case he does run into fundraising trouble.