BREAKING: Biden Leads Trump in New Pennsylvania Poll

Former Vice President leads President Trump in a new Harper Polling poll by 6 points.

49% said they would vote for Biden compared to 43% for Trump.

The poll also finds a large majority  of 80% “concerned” about contracting COVID-19.

In 2016, Trump edged out Hillary Clinton in the key swing state with 48.18% of the vote compared to 47.46% for Hillary.

Per TheHill, the Keystone State is expected to be a top presidential battleground state in November after Trump won Pennsylvania by under 1 percentage point over Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Pennsylvania was one of three states, along with Michigan and Wisconsin, that Democrats had counted on winning in 2016 but that instead went for Trump.

Biden has repeatedly sought to play up his Scranton, Pa., roots in his attempt to gin up support in Pennsylvania and portray himself as an ally of the working-class voters that defected to Trump last election.

The former vice president’s lead in Pennsylvania is buoyed by strong support from college-educated voters, a normally Democratic demographic, by a 55-37 percent margin. Trump, meanwhile, leads Biden by 6 points among voters without a college degree.

Biden also leads Trump by a 54-38 percent margin among voters who have been negatively affected by the coronavirus pandemic.