Biden Infuriates Dems After He Says He Won’t Legalize Marijuana Because It Might Be a “Gateway Drug”

Joe Biden was brutally mocked online by other Democrats after suggesting he won’t legalize pot because Marijuana might be a “gateway drug.”

“It is not irrational to do more scientific investigation to determine, which we have not done significantly enough, whether or not there are any things that relate to whether it’s a gateway drug or not,” the former Vice President said on Saturday.

Freshman rep. AOC disputed Biden within hours.

Marijuana should be legalized, and drug consumption should be decriminalized.

These are matters of public health.

Biden was also quickly mocked online by liberal Twitter users, with nearly all comments being negative.

Ronnie wrote “welcome to 1970 Joe!”

Joe makes so much (non)sense

When you definitely know how to read the room.

JFC. Still stuck in the 1980s.