Biden Digital Director not thrilled Biden is not inheriting Trump’s @POTUS followers

Thursday, Joe Biden’s digital director complained that Twitter will not allow President-elect Biden inherit Trump’s @POTUS followers.

Instead, Biden will have to start at zero.

Flaherty tweeted:

On inaug day:

-FB is transferring @JoeBiden’s followers over to POTUS

-Snap is handing us @WhiteHouse

-YT is giving us all of the @WhiteHouse Subs

-Twitter is starting us at zero…but recommended the President of the United States tag other accounts to encourage growth

Sure, plenty of rando bots and trolls, but also, plenty of folks who don’t really engage in politics. Plenty of hate follows. Who knows! It’s why Twitter moved the followers over from Obama to Trump! It’s not a political account, it’s the President’s account.

Anyway, the nice thing about Joe Biden is that he truly couldn’t care less about Twitter followers. Or Twitter! But he does care about communicating with everyone in the country, whether they agree with him or not.