Biden Declares “I’m The Frontrunner,” Gets Blasted in YouTube Comments

Appearing on 60 minutes, Biden declared “I’m the frontrunner” and dismissed concerns about the low cash on hand his campaign has vs. rivals.

At the end of September, Biden showed under 9 million in funding, compared to 33.7 million for Sanders, and 25.7 million for Warren.

Nevertheless, Biden declared “I [will] just flat beat them.”


Biden indeed has led most recent national polls, however some outliers including the Quinnipiac poll have Warren leading.

Early October, Warren briefly pulled even with Biden in the RCP polling averages and even slightly surpassed him.

In addition, the prediction market of PredictIt doesn’t agree with Biden that he is the frontrunner and places Warren as the favorite.

In the official “CBS This Morning” YouTube channel, a video of Biden’s declaration “I’m the frontrunner” received nearly 5 times as many thumbs up and thumbs down.

Most top comments were negative on Biden, as you can see below.

“No thanks gramps, your time is up.”

“Biden is the front runner of being a crook with his son Hunter.”

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