Biden “convinced” US military would intervene if Trump refused to leave White House

Fox News reports Joe Biden used an appearance on a late-night comedy show Wednesday to address a popular topic of speculation among Democrats: Would President Trump peacefully give up power if he loses November’s election?

If Trump doesn’t, Biden told host Trevor Noah of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show,” then he’s “absolutely convinced” the U.S. military would step in to assure a transition to a new president.

“I promise you,” Biden told Noah, “I am absolutely convinced they will escort him from the White House with great dispatch.”

Biden made his comments in response to a question from Noah that referenced the voting fiasco in the Georgia primary this week that led to many people waiting in line for hours.

Democrats have embarked on a campaign to expand and protect mail-in voting in the lead-up to the November election that has Republicans worried it could lead to an increase in voter fraud. Trump himself has repeatedly slammed efforts to expand mail-in voting.