Biden Claims “Putin and the Russians” are “Coming After Me” in New Fundraising Video

In a new campaign fundraising video, 2020 candidate Joe Biden claims to be the object of Putin and Russia’s attention in the 2020 election.


Folks you hear the news? Once again Putin and the Russians are trying to engage in our elections and decide who the president’s going to be.

This time i’m the object of their attention. Because Putin knows if I am President of the United States his days of tyranny and trying to intimidate the United States and those in Eastern Europe are over.

I’m going to stand up to him.

He’s a bully, just like the President.

And i know he doesn’t want me to be president, but to tell you what, when i’m president things are going to change.

Mr. Putin, the American people decide their elections, not you..

Chip in a dollar, five dollars, ten dollars.


One Bernie supporter responded and was not impressed, writing:

Putin and the Russians, eh? First of all, I thought Putin WAS Russian—secondly—Putin didn’t give us our corrupt, for-profit system that kills 30,000 of our fellow Americans every year, and bankrupts, causing homelessness, & desperation.

No that’s one of the things YOU HELPED DO.

Another Twitter user wrote:

Someone needs to create a “Blame Russia” parody of South Parks “Blame Canada”.

With new lyrics and replace the heads of the original cartoon characters.

I don’t know why that doesn’t already exist – but that should totally exist. Someone needs to get crackin’ on that.

Biden did have a supporter in Louise Mensch, who wrote:


At LAST, someone takes on Vladimir Putin directly!

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