Biden Calls Trump’s Coronavirus Response “one of the greatest failures of presidential leadership in our history”

2020 candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden blasted President Trump over his coronavirus response via Twitter.

Biden tweeted:

The coronavirus is not Donald Trump’s fault, but his inept response is.

He ignored the warnings for months, downplayed the threat it posed, and failed to take the action needed to combat the outbreak.

It’s one of the greatest failures of presidential leadership in our history.

Here are some of the responses he received:

“Believe women.”
“Not that one!”

Shut up. Just shut up. Have someone read to you about H1N1 and YOUR administration’s failures. Sicko.

Joe Biden failed to replenish America’s emergency stockpile of N95 masks.

He opposed President Trump’s restrictions on travel from China.

If Biden had been charge, more Americans would have gotten the virus faster.

President Trump took decisive action:

Joe Biden:
The guy who’s idea of leadership is to criticize others.
The guy who drove people to vote during a pandemic & disappeared for 12 days.
The guy, who after one debate believes that’s enough.
The guy who can’t get a live stream together, but wants to lead the country

He shot down travel in January while the rest of the world called him a racist…they soon followed suit. Even the WHO praised is “incredible” response.

Quit trying to score political points during a crisis. It’s gross.

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