Biden calls on Senate to “take a step back from the brink” and hold off voting on Amy Coney Barrett

Sunday, Joe Biden asked Senators to hold off on voting for Trump nominee Amy Coney Barrett.

The 2020 candidate said Senators should “step back from the brink, to take off the blinders of politics for just one critical moment, and stand up for the Constitution you swore to uphold.”

Biden proposed “If the people choose Donald Trump, then the Senate should give his nominee a hearing and a vote. But if the people do not choose Donald Trump & choose me,President Trump’s nomination should be withdrawn.I should nominate, chosen by a President who has just been elected by the people, to get a fair hearing, which would not even occur until only February, a confirmation vote.”

The Trump War Room Twitter account shared a 2016 video of Biden this morning.

 “In 2016, Joe Biden said he “would go forward with the confirmation process” of a Supreme Court nominee “even a few months before a presidential election … just as the Constitution requires.”