Biden border chief touts Obama’s Dreamer program as an “overwhelming success”

In a new Op-Ed for USA Today, Biden admin border chief Alejandro Mayorkas calls Obama’s DACA program an “overwhelming success.”

Mayorkas writes “On Tuesday we celebrate DACA’s ninth anniversary. This extraordinarily successful policy has transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of young “Dreamers” by making them eligible for work authorization and providing a measure of protection from deportation. This anniversary must propel Congress to finally pass the permanent legislative protections that would give Dreamers the opportunity to earn citizenship – so that they can live their lives with true certainty, free from fear.”

He continues “Since it was announced in 2012, DACA has been grounded primarily in the Department of Homeland Security’s well-established authority to exercise prosecutorial discretion. For more than 825,000 people who have benefited, the policy has created the opportunity to live more freely and to invest in themselves and their communities more fully, without the fear of being ripped away from the only home they know.”

Mayorkas later warns “But the simple truth is that while DACA has been overwhelmingly successful for all our families and communities, it is not a permanent protection. That fact was made painfully clear during the last administration, which placed DACA and Dreamers themselves under constant threat.”

Mayorkas concludes “The opportunity to earn citizenship was vital to my success in this country, and today it is my highest honor to be able to serve my country as the secretary of Homeland Security. Citizenship made this possible for me, and my own story is not so different from that of the many young people who hold DACA right now. It is long past time for them to be able to earn citizenship, too. On this ninth anniversary, we recommit to this renewed opportunity and to putting the American dream within reach of the young people who are Dreamers.”