Biden blasted for “cringe” moment playing “Despacito” on his phone at Hispanic Heritage Month event

Joe Biden is being mocked by many conservatives for an awkward campaign moment during his “Hispanic Heritage Event” when he pulled out his cell phone and played the Latin pop song “Despacito” on it.

Not long after Biden is introduced by musician Luis Fonsi, he reaches for his pocket and says “I just have one thing to say.”

Fiddling with his phone, he then says “Hang on here.”

Biden then holds out his phone as he proudly plays the 2017 Fonsi hit pop song “Despacito” while he bobs his head along awkwardly.

He then says “I’ll tell you what, if I had the talent of any one of these people, I’d be elected president by acclamation.”


Conservatives found the moment awkward and “cringe.”

Courtney Holland wrote “Just when I thought he couldn’t get more awkward, José Biden just pulled out his cell phone and started playing Despacito before he began speaking at a Hispanic Heritage Month event. I have no words.”

Steve Cortes asked sarcastically “I wonder why he’s struggling with Hispanics?!”

Ian Miles Cheong wrote “Did anyone catch how Biden didn’t even know the name of the creators of Despacito and instead referred to them as “any one of these people.”

Mercedes Schlapp wrote “Does @JoeBiden realize that Despacito means “slowly”? Fits well with Slow Joe”

Erielle Davidson wrote “If Trump did this, he would be accused of every -ism in the book.” Davidson wrote in a separate tweet “This is so unbelievably cringe.”