Biden and CNN Called Out for Ignoring Fact Ohio Shooter Was a Leftist

Appearing on CNN after the shootings in El Paso and Ohio, former Vice President and 2020 candidate was asked by Anderson Cooper who was winning the battle for the soul of the nation.

Biden replied “The white supremacists are winning the battle.”


Many Trump supporters replied to the CNN tweet and were not impressed with Biden’s answer.

Furthermore, many mentioned that while Anderson Cooper tried to lump together the El Paso and Ohio shooters are “white nationalists,” it’s been confirmed that the Ohio shooter was a leftist. 

What about the Ohio shooting? That was a Warren supporter but it doesnt fit your narrative.

The Dayton, Ohio shooter was pro-Satan, pro-Democrat (same thing), pro-antifa, and a big fan of Elizabeth Warren. So I guess that means antifa and leftism is winning the battle, right Joe?

How about Dayton and the far left nutjob.