Biden administration moves to scrap Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy for migrants

According to a new report from “The Hill” the Biden administration on Wednesday said they would craft a new memo rescinding former President Trump’s Remain in Mexico policy, an effort to respond to a court decision ordering them to reinstate the program.

Per the report:

The Supreme Court in August upheld a lower court decision requiring the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to re-implement what is formally known as the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP).

DHS on Wednesday announced it would uphold that injunction “in good faith,” but the agency plans to again rescind MPP once the injunction is lifted.

“A new memorandum terminating MPP will not take effect until the current injunction is lifted by court order,” reads the DHS announcement. “In issuing a new memorandum terminating MPP, the Department intends to address the concerns raised by the courts with respect to the prior memorandum.”

DHS said it has ongoing high-level diplomatic discussions with Mexico and a task force to restore the infrastructure to implement MPP in the meantime.

But the announcement that MPP’s reinstatement will be at most temporary belies confidence from the Biden administration that it will ultimately prevail on the matter in court.

MPP was one of the most controversial Trump-era immigration programs, as it often led to migrants encamping in dangerous and unsanitary conditions in Mexican border cities.