WATCH: New Biden Ad Argues Dems Should Vote For Him Because “This is no time to take a risk”

A new campaign ad from Joe Biden targeting Democrat voters for the upcoming caucuses and primaries uses the argument “This is no time to take a risk” as its pitch.

The reaction on Biden’s official YouTube channel has not been very good so far with more thumbs down than thumbs up.

Biden ad Narrator:

Every day he is president, Donald Trump poses a threat to America and the world. We have to beat him. Joe Biden is the strongest candidate to do it.

This is no time to take a risk. We need our strongest candidate. So let’s nominate the Democrat Trump fears the most. Vote Biden. Beat Trump.


While stumping for Bernie Sanders, Michael Moore indirectly blasted the argument.

Per Yahoo,  Moore went on to argue that focusing on who might be electable in a general election has historically been a bad strategy for Democrats.

“I started to think about this ‘play it safe.’ Every time we’ve been told that … and we voted safe we lost,” Moore said, adding, “Every time we play it safe, we choose the safe nominee, and we lose … except those times — time — when we decided to take a risk.”

Moore was referring to the 2008 election, which was won by Barack Obama despite fears voters wouldn’t send an African-American to the White House.

“You remember … two years before Barack Obama was going to run and there was talk about it, how many people in here said … ‘I know this country I live in,  there’s no way they’re going to elect a black man,” said Moore. “But Barack Obama didn’t care.”