Bette Midler trashes “American exceptionalism” calling it “bulls**t”

Thursday, performer Bette Midler trashed the concept of “American exceptionalism.”

The “Wind Beneath My Wings” Singer tweeted:

American exceptionalism is such bullshit. Yeah, exceptional in Coronavirus deaths, and exceptional in mass shootings. No country on earth has the kind of mass shootings we do. We are held hostage by the worst of the worst, and are too cowardly to stand up to them.

Many who replied agreed with Midler.


“I agree, this country has always put corporate profits before the health and safety of its citizens. We need a government with the backbone to do the work of protecting the people not corp profits.”

“I agree,I always thought it was so braggadocio,pat ourselves on the back. We do have and have always had problems that need to be fixed before we lecture others.”

“I love you, but we do have positives as well. It’s incredibly toxic for our public discourse to be so filled with hatred bc it doesn’t contribute. We got problems? Yes. Are we also one of the wealthiest countries with perhaps the most influence around the world as well? Yes.”

“We’re also exceptional in arrogance and ignorance.”