Bette Midler Suspects Trump is Lying About Testing Negative for Coronavirus

Anti-Trump performer Bette Midler tweeted to her followers on Twitter that she suspects President Trump is lying about testing negative for coronavirus.

Midler tweeted:

You know, says he has tested negative for . But why should we believe him? He has lied over 16,000 times in the last three years! Why would he not be lying now?

Other piled in to add to the unproven conspiracy.

He’s lying. How did he get the results so fast while some people who have been tested are still waiting for results? Why did his doctor release a letter hours before he took the took the test saying there was no reason he should be tested?

Lynn Ryan wrote “Now how the heck can the rest of us get tested. I could care less if he was tested. If anyone deserves it it’s him and Pence.”

Earlier, Rosie O’Donnell also accused Trump’s doctor of lying.

Rosie then took it a step further, by spreading the conspiracy theory that “Trump Has Coronavirus” using the Twitter Hashtag #TrumpHasCoronavirus

I AM F**KING DONE. I don’t want to hear another f**king lie come out of this goddamn imbecilic, train wreck of an administration. I don’t want to hear another f**king complaint about President Obama or her fucking emails.This catastrophe is on you and only you @realDonaldTrump

and added “we can’t trust him. #TrumpHasCoronavirus.”

Earlier, Rosie used the same hashtag, tweeting “trump lies every time he speaks

Many of Rosie’s followers agreed with her sentiment despite having no evidence to substantiate the claim.

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