Bette Midler suggests Texas winter storm causing outages “payback” from God against Cruz, Cornyn

In a bizarre tweet, performer Bette Midler suggested a brutal winter storm in Texas leading to power outages is “payback” from God against Republicans.

Dan Holo who had written “Lol wait…Republican Texas is asking for disaster relief after a snow storm, but both their Senators voted against giving relief for Hurricane Sandy? Cornyn and Cruz might be the most inept Senators in the country at this point.”

Midler replied to Dan “”Inept” is the wrong word. “Hateful”, “Vicious”, “Cruel” might all apply. I feel for the people suffering thru this weather, but #God doesn’t seem to like #TedCruz or #JohnCornyn. These two also never recognized that #Joe won. If this isn’t payback, I don’t know what is.”

One Twitter user replied to Midler “There’s a lot of Texans that don’t agree with our politicians or their policies. Your statement was rude and insensitive at a time like this. You might have earned a spot on the cancel cultures top 10 list.”

Another replied “Queen of hate and evil”