Bette Midler shares news of wildfire smoke spreading “Coming to the Red states! Wonder how they will like that??”

Performer Bette Midler is facing criticism on Twitter after she appeared to taunt individuals living in red states over wildfire smoke and suspended particles coming their way by way of winds.

Midler shared a tweet from NASA that stated “The joint NASA & @NOAA Suomi NPP satellite continues to monitor wildfires in the western United States. New images show the winds have changed again, with smoke and small particles suspended in the air (aerosols) moving across the continental U.S.”

The “Wind Beneath My Wings” singer then wrote “Coming to the Red states! Wonder how they will like that??”

Many Twitter users replied to Midler and felt her comment was morally wrong.

Jan San Nicolas replied :”You’re horrible. My family lives in Pensacola. I pray fur their safety, red or blue. You’re as bad as @KamalaHarris and that’s saying Something.”

Another Twitter user replied “This is such a sh*t thing to tweet. The fires have killed people and taken so many homes and businesses. I think your heart is cold. I’m sad because I used to really love you.”

Another Twitter user commented “You sound happy there Bette.”

Midler was even criticized by Democrats who are her fans.

Trish Milburn wrote “While we’re on the same political side of the aisle, remember we’re talking about human lives here. Also, I live in the area under the hurricane warning. Not all of us living in red states are red voters, and I’d like to survive the storm and want everyone else to as well.”

Another replied to her “I’m a big Bette fan and came here to say something similar, but you did it far more eloquently, thank you.”