Bette Midler shares meme suggesting Rep. Greene should be fired

Moments ago, “Wind Beneath My Wings” performer Bette Midler shared a meme suggesting Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene should be fired.

The meme reads “THE TRUTH: Majorie Taylor Greene would be fired from any other job for her behavior at work towards her coworkers.”

One Twitter user replied “I know one thing for sure. If she was my coworker I would immediately go file a complaint with my companies HR dept. & if they didn’t stop her behavior I would file an EEOC complaint against the company for failing to stop a hostile work environment.”

Another replied “She would not only be fired, she would be escorted out of the building by security and forbidden access. If need be, there would be a restraining order on her. But, in Congress her behavior is just talked about and she is allowed to have a gun.”

Appearing with Greg Kelly on NewsmaxTV, Rep. Greene discussed her confrontation with progressive “squad” members.

”They don’t know what to do with me because I’m not going to back down and be intimidated by their bully tactics,” Greene said, adding, ”I’ve done nothing wrong.”

”You had Cori Bush verbally assaulting me in the tunnel because she walked by me and I had my mask pulled down below my nose. Then you had Marie Newman across the hallway, whatever, she doesn’t believe in gender, you know hanging the transgender flag in this aggressive manner in a tweet,” she continued.

“And guess what, Marie Newman also shoulder-checked me when we walked by each other. … I turned to her and said, ‘excuse me.’ The Capitol policeman was right there, and I said, ‘Did you see that,’ and he said, ‘Yes I did.’ She didn’t do anything. She just kept on walking.

”We’ve got (Rep.) Jimmy Gomez from California introducing a resolution to expel me and I’ve done nothing wrong. The list goes on and on. … Then the delegate from Guam bringing over 30 National Guardsmen marching down to my office. Thank God I wasn’t in there. They’re accusing me of being aggressive or they’re accusing me and saying my mannerisms are wrong. It’s definitely the other way around. They’re the ones that are completely out of line,” she added.