Bette Midler Shares Meme of Trump with Devil Horns, Declares “Donnie, you are the silliest man alive!”

Performer Bette Midler went on quite a tweet storm Sunday, sharing a meme with President Trump with devil horns among several tweets.

Midler also wrote:

“The 2020 election will be determined by turnout; a universal truth about all elections, But especially true re Trump’s reelection bid. He eked out a victory in the Electoral College by 70,000 votes in three states in 2016.

Against that backdrop, Trump has two choices: increase Republican turnout or decrease Democratic turnout. He knows his base is shrinking, so he has only one option: suppress Democratic turnout.”

Mitch McConnell is privately telling GOP candidates to distance themselves from Trump if they need to. Welp, they can stand 6,000 feet away & wear 10 masks. It’s too late. They’re all infected with #Moronavirus.

Donnie, you are the silliest man alive! You vote by mail, so why can’t the rest of us vote by mail? Why do you keep saying it’s the most dangerous method of casting a ballot? What do you know about voting by mail that we don’t know? Have you been casting multiple ballots again?